Go to sleep, my baby

Close your pretty eyes

We were just a passing dream

But we weren’t a lie


Go to sleep, my baby

Rest your wavy head

Upon the side of your pillow

That isn’t already wet


Go to sleep, my baby

Ease your troubled heart

It’s true, we were just a dream

But we were beautiful…


(Belated) Day 2: Words

As the words left her mouth
They did so with reluctance
As if sensing that the simple  sentence
Belied the magnitude of its meaning

Still, she wrenched them out, one by one
All the while reassuring herself
That “It Was All For the Best”

They pierced the silence as they fell upon it
Impregnating it with a sudden tautness
And then she saw, too late, that she’d hurt him

With her words.
Her foolish words.
Mere words.
Seemingly innocent and harmless.

Black symbols in a white speech bubble, that was all they were.
Words that her logical side perceived as a sensible idea
While her heart declared them to be seven shades of stupid.



Tomorrow is selfish
She holds all the promises of the future
That wily, cunning child

Always a step ahead of me
Always beckoning to me
Teasing me
Challenging me to come closer

But every time I think I’ve found her
She disappears again
Into a place called Tomorrow.