Go to sleep, my baby

Close your pretty eyes

We were just a passing dream

But we weren’t a lie


Go to sleep, my baby

Rest your wavy head

Upon the side of your pillow

That isn’t already wet


Go to sleep, my baby

Ease your troubled heart

It’s true, we were just a dream

But we were beautiful…


The Runner

The world is a racetrack, clear and straight

The chalk lines well defined

Life’s a race we’re running

Looking for that person we never find

Oh, but he’s right in front of me

In fact, the only thing my eyes can see

He’s running too, looking for someone

That someone isn’t me

The world is full of chasers

Who also are the chased

I’ve mistaken this never ending game of “tag”

For love, in my frenzied haste

Why can’t two people run after each other?

The answer is simple and sound

As any observer will discover

The racetrack is not round

I keep on running

Enjoying the game, believing the lie

But my head and heart are weary

I can’t go on, I try

So I stop and let the others carry on

It’s time to hang up my shoes

I wasn’t much of a runner, anyway

I only ran this far for you.