Go to sleep, my baby

Close your pretty eyes

We were just a passing dream

But we weren’t a lie


Go to sleep, my baby

Rest your wavy head

Upon the side of your pillow

That isn’t already wet


Go to sleep, my baby

Ease your troubled heart

It’s true, we were just a dream

But we were beautiful…


(Belated) Day 2: Words

As the words left her mouth
They did so with reluctance
As if sensing that the simple  sentence
Belied the magnitude of its meaning

Still, she wrenched them out, one by one
All the while reassuring herself
That “It Was All For the Best”

They pierced the silence as they fell upon it
Impregnating it with a sudden tautness
And then she saw, too late, that she’d hurt him

With her words.
Her foolish words.
Mere words.
Seemingly innocent and harmless.

Black symbols in a white speech bubble, that was all they were.
Words that her logical side perceived as a sensible idea
While her heart declared them to be seven shades of stupid.



Tomorrow is selfish
She holds all the promises of the future
That wily, cunning child

Always a step ahead of me
Always beckoning to me
Teasing me
Challenging me to come closer

But every time I think I’ve found her
She disappears again
Into a place called Tomorrow.


Help Me Think Up A Title (I’m bad at this!)

A conversation with a good friend of mine made me think about certain things…and see them a little differently. And well, some of it I was feeling already..

You have no good reason to go
But you have no good reason to stay
Maybe we should take things slow
Maybe we should wait

Caught in stories of the past
Because that’s all we’ve got
Trying to make this last
Trying to give it our best shot

A smile, a look, a birthday card
Like charms collected on a bracelet
A memory of a touch, a beauty unmarred
Things we cannot forget

Knowing what we are together
And what we can be
Makes it so much harder
For us to let go and leave

I feel we are not ready
Yet why does it feel so right?
It ought to be as clear as day and night
But it’s an unfathomable twilight

Love isn’t just a feeling
Or a lucky co-incidence
It isn’t a state of being
Or a result of providence

It’s a fifteen-year-old’s choice
To give you her heart
And to hope to have yours in return
If only just a part

If we have chosen each other
Our stars will be aligned
We’ll find our fates written in the cards
Intricately intertwined.



His lips form the words she hears
Everyone hears them clearly
But in his eyes are written
Words that only she can read

A friendship old but not forgotten
Once lost to the sands of time
Now reunited, it should feel complete
Still there’s a flaw in the design

A story never seeming to reveal
The unexpected turns it takes
Always leaving them expecting more
The choice is theirs to make…

If she thinks about it for a while
Her cheeks begin to flush
And she’s afraid, actually terrified
Of wanting it too much

Wanting to discover
If she’s imagining the way he feels
If her daydreams of the two of them
Are half as good when real

The answers are written
Someplace only she can see
His lips utter the words she reads
This time loudly, clearly.


The Road Not Taken Yet

Because I’m so stressed about higher secondary!

The dawn of my future, and I don’t know which road to take
There are so many possibilities, countless choices to make
The unknown beckons to me, promising so much more
The way ahead looks easy, if only I pick the right door
My heart, young and restless, wants everything it can hold
But only one step forward must be taken for my story to unfold
My mind’s kinda fuddled up for I cannot decide
I’m not good at being grown-up, believe me, I’ve tried!
Shall I follow my dream, my childhood ambition
To create my own world using just my imagination?
To study literature and languages and history would be delightful
And I think psychology will be quite insightful
Or I could take on a challenge and pick a harder one
A world filled with formulae and theorems and oh so many sums
I wouldn’t mind that either, I’d take it without a fuss
Although I might object when it comes to lab work and calculus
My future is an adventure, a vastness unexplored
So I wish I could hurry up and take the right road!



It’s called untitled because I can’t think of a title, and not because I wanted it to look cool and mysterious or something. Although I wish I could say it was for the latter reason.

All we ever do is wait
Hours in exchange for minutes
A thousand wishes gets a dozen kisses
Unfair but somehow worth it

Life plays a deceptive game
Where losers are also winners
Losing time, gaining memories
No rules, just flip a coin

One side’s heads
The other’s a heart
Which one? Alas, it’s neither
Cause foolish, you gotta pick a card

Very near and very far away
Miles apart but we’re together
The grass is greenest where you are
Sun’s always shining a little brighter

I’ve learned that the best poems
Don’t need to rhyme
Like you and me unsynchronized
Still we’re dancing

The truth is I can wait
Even till you grow bald
Rather than live a life
Without you in it at all

I go ahead and flip that coin
Watching as it stops spinning
Heads says ‘follow your heart’
Yeah, the loser’s truly winning