Salut! C’est moi.

this is me, striking my most flattering pose.


Uh.  What about me could inspire you to read my blog?
I’ve never had acne or a bad hair day, don’t suffer from chronic verbal diarrhea, am always poised and graceful and would never be caught dead bawling my eyes out in public, with snot streaming out of my nostrils faster than the tears from my eyes.
Everything you just read is a lie.
Now that I’ve established one truth, I shall move on to a couple of others.

I love the Beatles. I think they were the epitome of brilliance and sheer creativity. If everybody added just a little bit of that Beatlemania to their lives, the world would be a much better place. In fact, I love almost everything about the sixties. The way people dressed, the kind of music they listened to, the causes they supported, the changes that took place. The Swinging Sixties was a time for people to look forward to things, and not just because a self help book on positive thinking told them to.

People never cease to fascinate me.  It’s fun trying to figure them out, especially when I’m proven wrong. I believe that everybody has a story and my self-assigned mission is to collect as many of them as possible before I die. Anthropology is sort of my thing

My idea of fun varies with my mood, which tends to vary on a day to day basis. Reading (anything and everything!), dressing up, talking about/ listening to music, watching a movie that kicks ass, eating cheesecake, sitting around in coffee shops doing nothing and getting into (what I like to think of as intellectual, but they’re really just stupid) arguments with my peers are some of the things that would feature in my standard list of Things I Think Are Fun.

I am pretty random, and sometimes ridiculously honest, but never when I am required to be so. I’m a total word snob, and most people find that pretty annoying, but expecting me to sit quiet when someone uses the word “suicide” as a verb instead of a noun is really asking for too much (you’ll be surprised at the number of people who do that).

Among the many things that are wrong with me, my inability to shut the hell up is one of them. This blog is a testament to this fact.


2 thoughts on “Salut! C’est moi.

  1. I remember someone threated to call me “lala” if my “about” page was blank. So I decided I’d threaten to call you “french” … but then :/ … You know. 😛
    You missy, need to write more often. I miss reading your stuff! 😦

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